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Dairy & Display trays

We supply packaging for sliced Cheese and other dairy products as well as offering labelling services, with the option of multiple labels per pack. Also available are product display blisters suitable for products such as Yoghurt tubs, deserts, pet food and more

Product Description  

Cheese slice tray with unique locking mechanism. The clasp folds over and the button locks the lid shut ensuring the product remains sealed.

We are able to lable both base and lid.

Pet food display tray. This type of tray design is applicable for a wide variety of applications.

This allows products to be displayed upright on supermarket shelves.

An example of a 6 Egg clamshell tray.

Clamshell trays can be designed to suit a variety of applications.

Example of a display tray, allowing products to be displayed in supermarket shelves upright.