Fresh Produce

We have packaging solutions for an extensive variety of fresh produce, including strawberries, blueberries, grapes, salads, cherry tomatoes, stone fruit and more.

We also provide labelling services for our products.

Dairy & Display Trays

We supply packaging for sliced Cheese and other dairy products as well as offering labelling services, with the option of multiple labels per pack. Also available are product display blisters suitable for products such as yoghurt tubs, pet food, deserts and more.


Our wide range of patented Supabowls are suitable for a range of products, bakery, fruit, nuts and more.We also have packaging solutions for muffins, cakes, desserts and single serve slice packs.

Small Goods

We have a range of products for small goods applications, in a variety of materials including PVC and polypropelene. These products are microwave safe.

Microwavable & Ready Meal Trays

We offer polypropeene microwave ready products suitable for ready to eat meals. Our trays are suitable for pre-prepared pasta, curries and other meals with either lid or overwrap sealing options.

Meat & Poultry Trays, Base +/-Lid

Suitable for a variety of uses including meat, poultry and more, with the choice of either lid or overwrap sealing options.


Wide range of hard ware products from nail packs to individual tool packs and 4×4 accessory packaging.

Customised Solutions

We offer customised solutions to suit the customer’s specific needs. Our tool room produces all our tooling in house and has over 25 years of experience doing so. Please contact us if you have specific design needs.